Accelerated Reader Incentives


 The following rewards will be given to students participating in Accelerated Reader who have an average of 75% correct on all of their AR quizzes.

70% Rewards:
These students met 70% of their individual goal or better by the 6th week in the 9 weeks period. Their name will be called on the intercom to come receive a treat (i.e. bookmark, pencil, candy, etc.) on the following dates:
September 16th
December 2nd
February 17th
May 5th

Point Rewards:
Once a student has earned the points listed below, they may come to the library during Open Access (2:30-3:00) or during their class’s library time to receive the incentive listed. They may earn each prize only once.

2 pts. Bookmark
5 pts. Pencil
10 pts. Caneview Eraser
15 pts. Treasure Chest Prize
20 pts. Free Candy off the cart (coupon)
25 pts. Bring stuffed animal or wear sunglasses to school (coupon)
30 pts. Free Computer Pass (coupon)
35 pts. Free Homework Pass (coupon)
40 pts. Dress Down and Take a Picture (coupon)
45 pts. Pixy Stix
50 pts. AR t-shirt
60 pts. Free slushie (coupon)
70 pts. Sit with a friend at the Rockstar Table (coupon)
80 pts. Free jeans (coupon)
90 pts. Go barefoot (coupon)
100 pts. 2 Free Homework Passes (coupon)
110 pts. Wear AR shirt and jeans every Monday for the rest of the year(coupon)
120 pts. Popsicle at Recess (coupon)
130 pts. Dog Tag- Reading Rocks
140 pts. Coloring Book or Color Pencils 
150 pts. Water Bottle
160 pts. Free book
170 pts. Lunch Box
180 pts. $5.00
190 pts. Caneview Jotter
200 pts. $10.00

Club Rewards:
Once a student has met the point requirement for his/her grade they become a part of the corresponding Club. At that time their name will be posted on a library bulletin board display and they can come to the library during Open Access (2:30-3:00) or their class’s library time and receive one of the following rewards:

Student receives Caneview lanyard and a bag of chips.

K- 5 points
1st- 30 points
2nd- 40 points
3rd- 50 points
4th- 60 points
5th- 70 points
6th- 80 points

Student receives Free jeans for the rest of the year on Fridays. (coupon)
K- 10 points
1st- 50 points
2nd- 60 points
3rd- 75 points
4th- 90 points
5th- 100 points
6th- 125 points

Students will attend a field trip to New Orleans, LA on May 12, 2017.
K- 20 points
1st- 75 points
2nd- 100 points
3rd- 110 points
4th- 125 points
5th- 135 points
6th- 150 points

Grade Level Competition:
Each grade will have a giant microphone trophy which will be posted outside the classroom with the most AR points for that grading period. The trophy will display their class’s success!

School Wide Goal:
The entire school will work collaboratively towards earning more AR points than the previous year. A display showing the school’s progress will be displayed on a bulletin board right outside the library and once the school reaches the goal we will celebrate with a school dance. This year's goal is 13,000 AR points!

STAR Reward:
Students who have improved three out of five times on the STAR test will attend  an ice cream party at the end of the year.

Goal Achievers:
All students who meet their individual AR goal for one 9 weeks period will be entered to win a tablet at the end of the year. Students may enter the raffle once per 9 weeks that they met their individual goal. (for example, students who met their individual goal for two 9 weeks period should have their name in the raffle box 2 times.)  Each 9 weeks that a student meets their individual AR goal they will also have their name posted on a library bulletin board display and will receive the following incentive:
1st 9 weeks: Dress Down Day 
2nd 9 weeks: Represent a Sports Team
3rd 9 weeks: Pajama Day
4th 9 weeks: Dress like a Rock Star

VIP Goal Achievers: All students who have met their individual AR goal for at least three 9 week periods, AND have a 75% or better in comprehension and accuracy, will attend a Magic Show at the end of the year.

Hall of Fame Goal Achievers: All students who have met their individual AR goal for ALL FOUR 9 week periods, AND have a 75% or better in comprehension and accuracy, will attend a field trip to the movies at the end of the year.

Library Policies


1. Check Out

  • All students (except Pre-K) are eligible for checkout unless they have lost or damaged materials.
  • Checkout is normally handled during classroom library time.However, students are encouraged to borrow and return at Open Access times which are during recess each day and from 2:30-3:00 each afternoon.


2. Terms of the loan

  • Books normally circulate for 1 week at a time. They will be due within one week or during their class's library time.
  • Kindergarten, 1st, and 2nd grade may have one book checked out at a time while 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 6th grade students may check out two at a time.
  • Kindergarten students will not be allowed to check out books until they return from the Christmas break. When they do begin checkout they must keep their library book in their classroom. This is so that they can learn how the library works and how to properly care for a library book.
  • The week before a book fair, students will be allowed to check out one additional book. Because of this, circulation ceases during book fair.
  • Circulation for all other students begins the second week of school when they come during their scheduled library time (August 8-12) and ends May 12th.
  • Before withdrawing from Caneview, students must return all borrowed materials. Failure to do so will result in the newschool's librarian being notified.
  • Students will not be allowed to check out new items until they have returned all previous check outs and their account is clear.


3. Renewals

  • A book may be renewed for an additional one week periodunless it is a high demand item.
  • Students must bring the book to the library to renew it. So students should bring all library books to every scheduled library class.

4. Overdue Books

  • No fines will be issued.


  • Upon notification by other school libraries, Caneview willwithhold borrowing privileges of new students until materialsare paid for or returned to the original school.
  • Twice a year overdue notices will be sent home so that parents who have students with chronic lost/overdue materials can be notified.

5. Lost or Damaged Books

  • Students are responsible for paying the average replacementcost of each book lost or significantly damaged. Or they may opt to replace the book themselves.
  • Damaged books should be brought to the librarian forassessment and repair. These items should not be repaired athome.
  • Students who do not replace lost or significantly damagedmaterials at the end of the year will not be allowed to borrowmaterials the following year until they are replaced or paid for. Their report card might also be held until materials are taken care of.
  • Once a student’s borrowing privileges have been reinstated,checkout may be limited to one item at a time.
  • If a lost item previously paid for has been found, the student or parent will be reimbursed for the item.


6. Other

  • Students MUST come to the library with their school ID each time. They cannot check out any new items if they do not have their ID. They will NOT be allowed under ANY circumstances to return to the class to get their ID. However, if they do not bring it during library time they may still return during one of the Open Access periods to check out books.
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